PPC advertising is the fastest way to get significant amounts of targeted traffic to your website. We manage your clicks and budget across any paid search platform and provide our creativity and analysis to improve performance. Data is crucial in the decision-making process and will clarify where to invest both time and money!

    How much have you spent on advertising this year?


    Numbers are vital in the decision-making process. We build custom reports generated on a weekly and/or monthly basis that target key performance indicators unique to your business. Keyword value, expense analysis, and lead generation sources are a few samples of data we can help your business focus on.

    What were your best performing numbers last month?


    Anything you say can and will be used against you…. well, anything you say online can and will be read about you – so what’s your strategy? A content marketing plan defines and creates your brand message through each online channel. From website copy, email messages and even the right #Hashtags on social media can explode your lead generation.

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    Your copy is what speaks to your clients… and the internet robots. Google and social media networks update their ranking algorithm on a regular basis. We know how to say the right things and in the right places. We cannot guarantee you a #1 spot in any search result (and if they do, they’re lying) but we will make sure your content is built upon modern standards.

    What is your most valuable keyword?


Men Lie, Woman Lie, Numbers Don’t.


This beautiful tool is the leading web analytics software online. With so much information available, most businesses don’t even know where to start. We help structure your analytics to focus on the key elements of your businesses and provide our suggestions on how to take advantage of the information.


Online advertising has two key values: money spent and money earned. We integrate your advertising platforms into one data source to focus on the why and where of both. Money spent is tracked and reported through all channels providing detailed overviews of traffic sources and expenses while money earned is followed all the way to the source level as detailed as the keyword that earns the sale. This information is invaluable as it clarifies where to allocate marketing resources.


After we work together to develop your custom analytics system, we then schedule automated reports. These can be delivered weekly, monthly or even if certain key performance data is triggered. Our reports are mobile friendly and delivered right to your email inbox automatically.



Client testimonials from recent projects…


“We had been running our store with a combination of WordPress and Shopify. Relay Designs were really experienced with both platforms and optimized each system for us. We love our new website, our social media has been steadily growing and the advertising campaigns they manage are boosting our sales!”

  • Eric Dankewicz
  • |
  • Owner, BEARPong

“We approached Relay Designs to help us build a website and search campaign for a new property development. We needed a strategic approach to a targeted home buyer as the building was in the early stages of development. The design is modern, sleek and we are very happy with the results of our lead generation campaign.”

  • Pat Violette
  • |
  • Owner, HighBridge

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